The Early Retirement Planning Guide: 2022

On: August 4, 2022
By: Abhishek Dey

Investment Planning for Your First 5 Years

Here are some of the investment planning ideas that can help you reach your first target of doubling your investment principle in 5 years. 

1) Invest in Ethereum and Cryptos

The Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is strong. The market cap of Ethereum at the time of writing this article is $220 billion. As a technology, Ethereum will continue to grow and the investments as well. Back in January 2017, Ethereum was traded at $10 and now it is around $2000. The 5 years multiplier factor is 200.

Invest in Ethereum
Invest in Ethereum
  • Investment Amount: 5% or $6000 in 5 years
  • Normalized Return on Investment on 6th Year: $3600 (Multiplier: 3X)

Despite the fall, the Ethereum community is confident that this crypto will continue to grow in valuation and this is one of the safest investments. However, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in some other small valued cryptocurrencies as well.