The Early Retirement Planning Guide: 2022

On: August 4, 2022
By: Abhishek Dey

A Look at Your Investment Portfolio

Now, if you take a look at your investments, 60% of your investments are safe and self-owned. 15% of your investments are into new digital assets and the remaining 25% of the investments are on what most people are already investing in.

Returns on Your Investment: 6th Year Onwards is $50,000

If you add the returns, you will make close to $50,000 a year from the 6th year onwards. If you reinvest for the next 5 years, you will be making $100,000 from the 11th year onwards. So, if you start at 30, then at your 40th year you will have a yearly backing of $100,000. Now that’s a good amount of money which can be invested in tangible real estate and other assets. This is the point from where you should start building your second home or retirement home.

Start Building Your Real Estate and Retirement Home: Now

A real asset is a real asset. Your investments should come down to something solid that you can always cash out irrespective of dire situations. Owing a retirement or a second home by your early 40s is what you should always be focusing on. However, you need to start travelling once you are in the age bracket of 25-30 in order to first choose your favourite retirement city- a city where you would really enjoy living.


Your retirement home can host Airbnb guests. It can also boast of a beautiful cafe and a pretty laidback area to celebrate the birthdays of your folks. This ensures your money is not staying idle and is rolling as fresh investments. Ideally, managed Airbnbs can be pretty lucrative.

Invest in Dubai Real Estate

Real estate investments can give you good capital gains. Dubai has the highest rental returns when it comes to real estate investments. You’ll have your own property in Dubai which you can rent out and expect an 8-10% return on a yearly basis (plus a yearly rental appreciation). Also, Dubai will continue to be a major industrial hub, thereby making your investment value grow over time. Buying a studio apartment in Dubai is not really a bad idea!

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