The Best Places to Retire in the UK for 2021

On: May 23, 2020
By: Abhishek Dey

11. Dorset, South West

Dorset is an incredibly popular place to retire in the UK; from the stunning Jurassic Coast, the sailing clubs and events throughout the year, to the inland beauty spots and pretty historic towns and villages, this county in the southwest has much to offer those retiring. Prime locations such as Sandbanks are highly desirable as are homes within the city of Bournemouth and the nearby town of Weymouth is seeing its popularity increase. There are a great many locations dotted across the UK that offer many benefits to those retiring. Retirees in Rutland are reported to be amongst the healthiest and happiest, Essex offers excellent weather and Bedfordshire is one of the most favoured of the home counties.

Population: 427,000
Median House Value at Dorset, South West: £451,103
Median Monthly Rent at Dorset, South West: £675

Tip 9: Consider how much you may need in retirement- Work out how much income you are going to need in retirement, including essential income to meet day-to-day living expenses (household bills, etc), and discretionary income for holidays and hobbies, etc. It may be possible to have the same disposable income in retirement as when you were working, even if your pension income is less than half your salary. This is because when you retire, you may be paying less income tax, no national insurance, and any mortgages and loans may be paid off.