10 Dog Breeds Often Blacklisted by Insurance Companies

On: August 12, 2020
By: Abhishek Dey

Although domesticated dogs may seem quite friendly and approachable, there are occasions when they can be dangerous. There have been a number of cases in the U.S. involving vicious dog attacks on both humans and other pets. The breed of dog you own could make it more difficult to secure Homeowners insurance. Insurers are hesitant in offering coverage to homeowners who own breeds and mixes that insurers believe are more likely to bite and cause injuries. Also, we will be telling some tips and secrets that can greatly reduce your home insurance premiums and save you 1000s of dollars in the long run.


1. Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers

Pit bull attacks make the news more than any other dog. According to DogsBite.org, between 2005 and 2014, pit bulls were responsible for the deaths of 203 Americans, about one person every 18 days. In early 2014, a 10-year-old boy in Newark, NJ, was critically injured after he was attacked by his father’s two pitbulls.

The term “pit bull” comprises both the American pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier; the breeds were originally developed as fighting dogs, by breeding bull dogs and terriers together. Advocates from The Humane Society of the United States and other groups say the breeds, which have a reputation for being unpredictable and dangerous, are unfairly demonized.

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