Wives & Girlfriends Of 20 Richest Men In The World

On: October 22, 2021
In: Gossip
By: Abhishek Dey

3. Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation dating – Nikita Kahn

Larry Ellison has been married four times. According to Forbes, Larry’s net worth as of 2016 is about US $51.6 billion. Larry Ellison is now dating Nikita Kahn, a Ukranian model. The two are very keen on saving the environment by hosting many fund-raise events.


4. George Soros, an investor, married to – Tamiko Bolton

George Soros is 85 years old now with a net worth of about $24.5 billion. He was famous for making $1 billion in 1992 when he “broke the Bank of England.” Tamiko Bolton, 44 years old, is his third wife who now runs her internet yoga company.