The Darkest Truths of Bollywood Actors and Actresses

On: July 30, 2021
In: Gossip
By: Abhishek Dey

2. Shahrukh khan

Shahrukh Khan’s extramarital Affair with Priyanka Chopra was in limelight that time.

Shahrukh Khan has been married to Gauri Khan for 26 years now and he has three children, Aryan, Suhana and the youngest of them, Abram.

SRK and Gauri are counted as the perfect celebrity couple as they have their relationship from their teenage but not many know that there is also conflict in this relationship.

During the filming of Don, Shah Rukh and Priyanka hit it off extremely well. Immediately, Shahrukh began to recommend her to producers for bigger roles to her.

Ironically, he even forced people and organizers to invite a PC to events he attended. Spark has flown between the two but this was not well managed by SRK’s good friend director and producer Karan Johar.

Apparently, after completing Don 2 (2011), Gauri asked SRK to stop working with Priyanka if he wanted their marriage to work and that was the reason, SRK ended his relationship and on other side Priyanka left for Hollywood and they hasn’t worked together in films ever since.