10 Best Places to Retire in Canada:2021. Check Out No 3 and 1.

On: May 20, 2020
By: Abhishek Dey

9. Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Source: expedia.co.in

Located at the junction of the Saint Maurice and Saint Lawrence rivers, the city’s name means “three rivers” in English, due to the three streams of water where the rivers meet. It was founded in 1634 and settled by French colonists. Foreign language skills will be helpful in this French-speaking city. While many of the French structures were destroyed in a fire, you can still stroll among a few of the original buildings, including the Musée des Ursulines and the Manoir Boucher de Niverville. The average life satisfaction in Trois-Rivières is 8.2 out of 10, according to Statistics Canada. Just over three quarters (76%) of residents rate their quality of life as an 8 or higher, but 9.8% of people say it is 6 or lower.

Population: 137,000
Median Monthly Rent at Trois-Rivières: $700

When it comes time to find a mortgage lender, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider before making your decision. Maybe you’re looking for the lowest rates and fees, or perhaps you’re trying to find an online lender. Trois-Rivières is the cultural hub of the Maurice region, as well as being one of the oldest industrial cities in Canada. Still, it is its history that puts it on the map, with its ‘old city’ being the main draw for tourists.