10 Hotels Around the Globe We Can’t-Wait To Visit

On: August 4, 2021
In: Travel
By: Abhishek Dey


THE OMNIA – FROM THE GREAT WIDE WORLD TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL “Here on a rock surrounded by the mountains—witnesses to an era that unfolded with primordial force millions of years ago. Giant stone sculptures, dense pine forests, meadows with alpine flowers and the majestic peaks of eternal ice, ready to captivate all the senses. At 1,600 meters above sea level, a small step closer to the sun, the moon, and the sky with its passing clouds that bring the white of winter and wraps everything as if in cotton and encloses the mountainous world in silence.

Here you can forget time, forget where you come from, forget where you are going. Enjoy life with all your senses. And the events of the days and nights, however big or small, are never to be forgotten. This is the place where rooms have no numbers, where the philosophy of Being and Time knows no limits, where all things tell a story of the great wide world, where they were forged and now reinvented the days in harmony with the elements.”