10 Popular Celebrities who’ve battled Hyperkalemia

On: January 7, 2020
In: Health
By: Abhishek Dey

1. Selena Gomez

Between world tours, musician Selena Gomez was diagnosed with a chronic ailment that caused her to cancel concert dates and take time off to focus on her health. The culprit? Lupus. Not to be confused with Lupin (the legendary wizard from the world of Harry Potter), Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes harm to organs and tissues. When it impacts your kidneys, it is called lupus nephritis, which impacts up to 60% of Lupus patients. But with a brand new album and recent work as a TV producer, it is clear that Gomez is not letting Lupus slow her down. In fact, in September 2017, she took to Instagram to reveal that she received a kidney transplant from a friend.

During flare-ups of lupus, Selena has had to cancel tours, go on chemotherapy, and take significant time off from her career to get well again. When she is well, she considers herself very healthy.

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