10 Famous Celebrities Battling Colon Cancer

On: January 7, 2020
In: Health
By: Abhishek Dey

7. Daryl Strawberry

The baseball great, left, underwent surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer in 1998, and announced in 2000 that the cancer had returned, according to the AP. Strawberry’s agent said a CT scan suggested the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. Today he is involved in raising autism awareness and engages in various public speaking endeavors.

The power player blasted his way through the 1980s and ’90s as both a New York Met and a New York Yankee. But off the field, he faced challenges ranging from drugs and alcohol to tax evasion. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998 at age 36. He had surgery and chemotherapy, but the cancer returned in 2000 and sent him back to the OR. He and his wife, Tracy, now run recovery centers in Florida and Texas.

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